Features build-in Swosh

Swosh is not just a theme, it is a set of functionalities to allow you to create a rich website, interactive and infinitely personal. No need to buy extra blocks for features as the background, sliders, it is integrated !

4 Block included :

  • Icoon from myConcreteLab
  • Flat pie chart from myConcreteLab
  • Title Separator from myConcreteLab
  • Team from myConcreteLab

Pages list 


  • Sliced slider : A built-in responsive slider with autoplay and thumbnails management. The slider show files from fileset.

Other blocks

  • Separator : A block that allow you to create nice line separator or just space between elements

Basic functionalities:

  • fileset attribute
  • Background slider with one or more images
  • Advanced management blog with counter comments, search tags, managing miniature ...
  • Icons to enhance navigation